Setup your account

We’re now going to setup your account, and ask for information about you and your self employed business (and some other important details) along the way. This shouldn’t take too long, but it’s vital we have accurate records to manage your accounts.

Before we start, It’s important to know who we are, and how we’ll be processing your documentation for your accounts.

MalgraBooks is part of Malgra Limited. We’re based in Manchester and have been supporting Self Employed Slimming World Consultants with their tax and business finance matters for several years.

MalgraBooks Packages are designed to provide you with the ability to have trained members of our team process your documents for you – by documents, we mean your PFS Documents (which shows a mixture of income and expenses), any documents you send to us with details of your routine business expenses and even down to when you’ve received money for covering groups.

As we’ll be processing your personal data, we’re registered with the ICO, registration ZA295189, and for purposes of accounts, we’re members of the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers – ‘Malgra Limited’.

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