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Welcome to our Getting Started guide – designed to be an interactive introduction to your MalgraBooks Package!

To navigate between sections, simply select the option on the tabs above.

We recommend using a desktop or laptop to navigate, and as always, use Google Chrome or a modern browser (not Internet Explorer).

User Guide

You’ll receive a copy of your Client Dashboard ‘Get Started’ guide with your membership documents. We’ve summarised some of the sections below so that you can get started without delay.

We’ve collated all of the files you need into this one document below – just click the link and you’ll have a full folder of documents ready to use!


It’s difficult for us to use different types of language within our operations. For example, the word ‘Account’ may refer to ‘accounting’ (the recording of how your business or self employment is going), your ‘personal information’ account (such as your name, date of birth, address, etc), and also your ‘business accounts’ (which is similar to your accounting but at the same time is slightly different!)

To help, we use the below definitions to explain different parts of our system.

  • Business Dashboard: This is where we keep records of your packages which you have with MalgraBooks. There is a different package for each financial year, as HMRC run on a 6 April – 5 April year. Therefore your Business Dashboard is where you will find details of the information HMRC need, such as your income (PFS Documents) and expenses.
  • Client Dashboard: This is where we hold information about you – such as your name, date of birth and address. We also hold some information here which HMRC need (and may rarely change), such as your National Insurance Number, details of your marital status or any other employment. We’re required to keep this up to date, so you’ll be taken to your Client Dashboard when you first login, but can access your Accounts Dashboard from the same place.

Note: Some of our older literature may refer to different names. From 2020, we’re trying to simplify the names we use, to make it easier – especially as we introduce new systems and techniques to make your accounting (that being your self employed business!) as easy as possible to administer.

Client Dashboard

When you first login to your MalgraBooks Account, you’ll be presented with your Client Dashboard which looks like this:

From your Client Dashboard, you can access your account, view information we hold on you, and any packages or other information in relation to your account. There’s also three large buttons which will redirect you to the relevant areas of our system.

It’s really important that any information we hold about you is up to date. You can view your information on the relevant tabs.

When you’re ready to start sending documents to MalgraBooks, click the ‘Business Dashboard‘ to be taken to your business package, where you can view your Accounting Information.

Business Dashboard

Your Business Dashboard is where you can view information about your Self Employed business. This is where any income, expenses and more is logged.

You’ll have a separate Dashboard for each package you have with MalgraBooks, split into individual financial years.

There’s three sections to your dashboard – the first provides information on the package, such as your welcome or renewal letter, and any financial details. Note: This section will be moving into your Client Dashboard during 2020 and for subsequent renewals.

Section two provides information on your accounts for the year. Here you’ll find templates to download (such as for expenses) and an area to upload your PFS Documents to our team. You can view any reports we’ve created, or files you’ve submitted in this section too.

If your package includes SA100 Tax Return submission, you’ll find this information in section three.

View step-by-step guides to the Dashboard here.


First, you’ll need to have your monthly documents to hand. These include all of the expenses you’ve incurred during the month from anything to do with your business.

The list here can be quite comprehensive, you’ll find some typical items in the list below. Once you’ve collated all your receipts, you simply log these on the spreadsheets provided in the Client Portal. This allows our team to understand what expenses you’ve incurred, and we’ll then check that they meet HMRC guidelines for allowable expenses.

If you’re unsure about anything, just drop us a message and we’ll be happy to help you out.


  • Stationery purchases (blue tack, sharpie pens, biros)
  • Marketing (did you buy any leaflets?)
  • Clothing (only SW branded items are permitted)
  • Hotel stays (on business, not for Spain!)
  • Meals whilst away on business
  • eShop Purchases for Books or SW Merchandise
  • Card payment machine charges
  • Bank Charges (business accounts only)
  • ICO Fees
  • Taster evening equipment or food

Each group has a shop, selling a variety of items to members. As part of the shop sales, MalgraBooks needs to know exactly how much money you’ve made from sales of books, diaries and merchandise.

With shop sales, we need to know the full sale price which you received from the member. So if the book was 4.65, and you sold it for 4.95, we need to know the 4.95 value (as the 4.65 would be in the previous expenses section!)

Note: We don’t need to know how many products you’ve sold on a commission basis, such as HiFi Bars, Magazines or Scan Bran.

This is because under HMRC terms, Slimming World treats Consultants as ‘exclusive agents’ and as they’re on a sale or return basis, the amount is logged in your franchise account.

Other items (Group cover, colleague sales, etc)

If you’ve had any additional income through the month, please use this spreadsheet to list these. This could be where a fixed fee is paid for covering a group, a recruitment bonus for introducing a new consultant, or even selling visuals to another consultant. This list is not limited!

PFS Documents
Example of the Monthly PFS Document

Your online Monthly Plan For Success (PFS) Document provides us with the information we need to log your income (i.e. Member fees) and expenses (i.e. Franchise Fees) for membership in your group.

This usually brings the highest amount of income and expenses when running your group.

VERY Important:

  1. Do not send MalgraBooks your username/password to access the Our World platform. This is a breach of your account and we will delete any such information immediately
  2. Do not send your weekly group summaries unless requested as they contain personal information on your members which we do not need.

Using your own computer

  • Ensure you’re using Google Chrome browser (or one which prints to PDF)
  • Login to OurWorld and go to your monthly summary screen (shown above)
  • Once on the appropriate month and group, and you can see the full summary page, press CTRL + P
  • Choose ‘Save as PDF’ as the destination
  • Press ‘Save’ and when prompted, rename as the month and date for the summary
  • Upload the PDF to us through your Client Portal or by email

Using a Slimming World laptop

  • Open Internet Explorer (the ‘e’ symbol)
  • Login to OurWorld and go to your monthly summary screen (shown above)
  • Once on the appropriate month and group, and you can see the full summary page, press CTRL + P
  • Choose ‘Microsoft XPS Document Writer’ as the destination (not your printer!)
  • Press ‘Print’ (it will not actually print anything if you selected the above option)
  • Save to your desktop with the month and date for the summary
  • Upload through your Client Portal or by email

If you have more than one group, follow the above again to send the other group information.

All documents and spreadsheets mentioned within this section of our guide can be uploaded directly through your Client Portal (Section 2: Your Business).

If you have any queries, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team.

Help and Support

Need extra help? Don’t worry – as part of your package, our team are here to help.

You’ll find a range of extra help guides and ‘how to’ explanations on our support portal here:

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