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What information we need – Virtual Groups

To calculate your income/expenses from your group fees, we traditionally use the PFS Monthly Document which Slimming World provide for you. However we appreciate that this is not available for the period where Virtual Groups have been active.

As such, we can accept a screenshot of the Virtual Account Viewer for your group. Please clearly ensure that the date of the group is listed, either in the filename or on the screenshot and that all figures can be seen. An example of the information we need from you is provided below.

You can then submit the screenshot either to – or through the file upload system on your Business Portal.

Missing months: We understand that Slimming World are currently back-dating the Virtual Account Viewer to cover the summer period. As such, we will await further details from them before proceeding with any manual route to understand what income/expenses you had during this period. Thank you for your patience whilst SW arrange this.

SEISS Grants

Please do not include SEISS grants in any spreadsheets provided to MalgraBooks. We will be writing to all clients before preparing their tax return for details of any grants claimed. SEISS Grants are subject to Tax and NI and are added to your tax return in a separate part.


Any expenses incurred for the business during this time are claimable – from your usual stationery or postage expenses, to new business expenses like Zoom subscriptions. In addition, any materials purchased for the safe running of your business, such as any masks, detergent, plastic coverings or protective screens as a result of CV19 can be claimed as a business expense. As always, please list any business expense on your usual expenses spreadsheet. There’s no change to this part of the accounting process (hurrah!).

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